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Just hang in there, Gbagbo

 The first part is always the toughest. Your election commission says your opponent won, and even the West African regional body says the vote was free and fair.There have been calls for travel restrictions and asset freezes on you and your cronies, but hang in there. The African…

Govt must consider its people

People are crying out for jobs while Chinese companies in Zimbabwe are dominated by Chinese nationals. Besides, the treatment given to local professionals by the Chinese is so bad. Locals in every field are sidelined by these guys based on race. If you are black, to the Chinese…

Season’s greetings from ROHR

Our wish as human rights defenders is that, respect for human dignity and human rights should become the basis of governance for the vision of a free, liberated Zimbabwe in which the security of all persons is guaranteed by the state regardless of political affiliation.We reiterate that human…