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Floyd Mayweather in ‘last stage’ of talks to fight

Floyd Mayweather has been warned “I am not scared of any human being” by Money Kicks, the social media influencer that he is set to fight.

Mayweather is in negotiations to return to the ring next month, just days before his 45th birthday, to take on an internet personality who is 25 years younger.

Rashed Belhasa, known as ‘Money Kicks’, is a Dubai-based YouTuber and influencer known for flaunting his luxurious lifestyle.

He has revealed to Sky Sports that talks to fight Mayweather are at the “last stage” – they will clash in “a real fight” over eight rounds on the helipad at the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel in Dubai.

Money Kicks said: “I grew up with lions – I am not scared of any human being.

“I will never fear any human.”

Mayweather had teased this fight last week when he said: “Money Kicks is doing big things and I like what I am seeing.” –