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Nigerian fintech firm Dukka sets sights on Zimbabwe market

NIGERIAN financial technology company Dukka is eyeing expansion into the Zimbabwean market.
Founded in 2019 by Keturah Ovio, Dukka provides a suite of digital payment and bookkeeping solutions designed to empower African small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). These businesses are the lifeblood of the continent’s economy.
Through user-friendly mobile apps and a portable point-of-sale (POS) terminal, Dukka simplifies digital payments, financial management, and business insights for small businesses.

Keturah Ovio, Dukka founder

Addressing delegates at the recent BPL Africa Connect Business Conference in Harare, Ovio expressed her company’s interest in exploring opportunities in Zimbabwe and Europe.
“We’re looking to launch a pilot project with local partners in Zimbabwe, like banks and small business associations,” she said.
Ovio highlighted that entering the Zimbabwean market would strengthen Dukka’s regional network and encourage cross-continental trade.
“Our presence in Zimbabwe can also inspire a new generation of local tech leaders,” she added.
Dukka’s platform streamlines daily tasks like sales recording, inventory management, generating electronic invoices and receipts, accepting various digital payments, and gaining business performance insights – all from a smartphone app or Dukka terminal.
Ovio explained that Dukka’s ecosystem facilitates secure payments, inventory management, sales and expense tracking (across multiple locations), business performance analysis, and online sales capabilities. Consumers can discover and shop with verified merchants on the platform.
“Many African SMEs rely on cash transactions and manual bookkeeping, which are time-consuming and prone to errors and fraud,” Ovio said. “By digitising these processes, we promote financial inclusion, improve business operations, and ultimately unlock growth for African entrepreneurs.”
The company is also considering establishing operations in Portugal as a gateway to Europe and Portuguese-speaking countries.
As Dukka expands its reach and impact, Ovio envisions a future where every small business, regardless of location or resources, has access to the digital tools needed to thrive. She believes artificial intelligence (AI) will be instrumental in achieving this vision.
“AI has the potential to revolutionise financial inclusion by automating tasks, providing personalised insights, and even extending credit to underserved entrepreneurs,” she said. “By integrating AI into Dukka’s solutions, SMEs can make informed decisions, streamline operations, and unlock new growth opportunities.”
Dukka already leverages AI to enhance its offerings, using machine learning to analyse transaction data and deliver real-time business intelligence to SMEs. Ovio is confident that Dukka, through continuous innovation, will be at the forefront of Africa’s digital transformation, ensuring more equitable access to financial services and improving the lives of millions.