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Pick n Pay announces new name for its middle market stores

Retailer Pick n Pay has officially named its “middle market” retail chain, as its store rollout gains momentum.

Pick n Pay QualiSave, which was provisionally named Pick n Pay Red when it was launched in May, is aimed at providing South Africa’s middle-income market consumers with lower-priced quality products.

The Pick n Pay QualiSave brand is part of the retailer’s strategy to split its stores into two brands, with the original Pick n Pay serving more affluent customers. The group will convert about 40% of its Pick n Pay stores into QualiSave outlets.

Pick n Pay also owns the Boxer chain of supermarkets aimed at lower-income shoppers.

The new Pick n Pay QualiSave stores will offer 8 000 products across different categories such as meat, fresh produce and bakery and some essential items. Pick n Pay stores offer 18 000 products.

“Pick n Pay supermarkets will have a strong focus on fresh and have been designed to create a more aspirational shopping experience complete with more space between aisles and sections giving the sense of a ‘shop-within-a-shop’ experience,” said Pick n Pay in its announcement on Monday.

The group has already revamped six Pick n Pay QualiSave stores and four Pick n Pay stores in the last three months.

The Pick n Pay QualiSave stores will be rolled out across the country next month and will be revamped to differentiate them from Pick n Pay outlets, over time. The revamp will include a new store layout.

“Through Pick n Pay QualiSave, we are focusing on what a growing number of customers want in the important middle market, while remaining entirely true to the Pick n Pay brand and values,” said Pick n Pay CEO Pieter Boone in a statement. –