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ZB breaks ground with service survey

FINANCIAL services giant ZB Financial Holdings (ZB) is in December expected to release Zimbabwe’s first-ever State of Services Economy Survey, which will provide insights about brand positioning initiatives and uncover new opportunities for local corporates.
The survey, which was conducted by Topline Research Solutions (TRS), leading advertising agency TATU and data-based publication The Financial Gazette, is also expected to unpack various issues for stakeholders, including policymakers, corporate leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, scholars, and consumers.

Shepherd  Fungura

As the World Bank has said the value added services sector was worth 54 percent of global GDP in 2022, this prompted the Shepherd Fungura-led ZB to launch the survey on the understanding that “service sector statistics were too important to ignore, particularly in light of Zimbabwe’s 2030 upper-middle-income goal”.
At the same time, the 2023 Services Global Market Report estimates that the market will grow by 8,9 percent in 2023 alone. It is incumbent on investors and corporate leaders, therefore, to pay close attention to developments in the services sector.
Hence, ZB has restated its commitment to balancing its profit and growth objectives through sustainable long-term innovations, superior service, the welfare of its customers, preservation and promotion of the environment.
Thus, the survey is a testament to the group’s commitment to improving lives through its purpose statement, which emphasises three high-impact goals of promoting financial inclusion, fostering investments in sustainable infrastructure, and stimulating the economy.
Hence, data analysis and management have become a global currency and a performance barometer for governments, corporations, and investors, hence the initiative, which delivers up-to-date, locally relevant statistics, is critical for national development.
In line with its sustainability agenda, ZB is currently in the process of attaining certification under the Sustainability Standards Certification Initiative by the European Fund for Sustainable Development, under guidance from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.
The listed group remains committed to supporting national and global development priorities to promote Zimbabwe’s attainment of an upper middle-income society status and to create a better world for all.