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ZC bans two players for recreational drug use

ZIMBABWE Cricket (ZC) has suspended two emerging players for three months for using a recreational drug in an out-of-competition case.

The two players were summoned to appear for a disciplinary hearing after they were reported to ZC by a concerned citizen who caught them red-handed partaking in suspected substance abuse within the premises of a private residential complex.

They admitted to using a social drug on the day in question, resulting in each one of them receiving a three-month ban from cricket activities for breaching the ZC Code of Conduct for Players and Team Officials under which they were charged.

The Disciplinary Committee noted that had they committed the offence in competition, they would have been charged under ZC’s anti-doping rules and attracted stiffer sanctions, including a ban of up to two years.

The two players are first-time offenders and ZC has opted to keep their identities confidential in order to give them the best chance of rehabilitation.