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More Land Rover — less hairdresser

TOP GEAR In terms of the Land Rover/Range Rover model line-up, the Freelander 2 is the entry-level model but in its latest iteration, to call it “entry level” borders on heresy as it has acquired a greater visual robustness accompanied by an enhanced specification and greater luxury. (more…)

Kia Sorento Sluggish gearbox spoils package

TOP GEAR It’s safe to say that everyone knows Kia is a Korean product and that it’s a blood brother of Hyundai.  Everyone knows too that Kia has made huge strides in the current millennium, providing vehicles that are good lookers, vehicles that are practical and vehicles that…

Suaver Swede rolls in

Top Gear  (Our correspondent attended the launch of the new 60 series Volvo models in South Africa and advises that all comments herein refer to the SA market. Please consult your local dealer for details of model availability in Zimbabwe) (more…)

Small package with big appeal

Top Gear (Our motoring correspondent attended last week’s South African press launch in the Durban area and filed this report which refers solely to models available in South Africa. At the time of writing, it was not known whether this model would be officially imported into Zimbabwe, so…