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Clio filled with pleasant surprises

Top Gear SURPRISES are not always nice but this one was. If a 900cc Renault Clio 4 sounds like a recipe for a boring driving experience, think again because the Turbo Expression model was a pleasant surprise and not just from a driving point of view. (more…)

Still a good sport after a year

  Top Gear  REFLECTING on one year of Suzuki Swift Sport ownership….. One of the advantages of writing about cars is that you get to drive more models than most which helps a fair bit when the time comes to spend your own money on a set of…

Toyota Auris HSD XR Hybrid

High tech with low emissions Top Gear If you haven’t driven a hybrid car before, prepare for something of a surprise because you could well feel you’re at the wheel of a luxurious milk float that sounds just like those that……well…..float around the streets of England first thing…

Hyundai aiming to be most loved

Top Gear I find myself questioning whether there has ever been a more rapid transformation in the motor industry than that wrought by Hyundai of South Korea. To be blunt, I looked askance at one of my mates from Johannesburg who bought a Hyundai for his wife at…

Sparkling engine boosts Fiesta 1.0

Top Gear There’s always someone around who believes nothing is impossible. I don’t think, however, that even the most optimistic individual would ever have believed that Ford’s engineers could succeed in extracting an extraordinary 92 kW from a mere 1.0 litre, three-cylinder engine. (more…)